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Prime Air Cinema

Prime Air Cinema (PAC) is a company dedicated to creating high quality aerial photography and videography edits, promotional videos, and anything else you can think of. We specialize in promotional videos for Real Estate, Extreme Sport edits for athletes of all levels, and Weddings, .

Extreme Sports

Prime Air Cinema has filmed and edited videos of many different extreme sport athletes from professional snowboarders such as Jared Elston, Van Allen, and Gabe Ferguson to professional bikers such as Carson Storch and Dru Brownrigg. PAC is also very involved with extreme sport athletes trying to make a name for themselves. PAC is committed to making the best possible product to showcase an athletes abilities. For more info contact


Average wedding videos and edits can cost between $2000 to $5000. Depending on what you want, Prime Air Cinema will do your wedding video for a lot cheaper than that. Always remember that special night with a video and edit package from PAC. For more info contact

Real Estate

More coming soon...

Prime Air Cinema

Prime Air Cinema

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